To free your spirit in magical Morocco

Free Spirit is a Travel Transportation company in Morocco based in Marrakech.
Free Spirit’s goal is to deliver a unique high quality travel experience to those who have chosen to visit Morocco for pleasure or for business.

Morocco is wonderful country to discover featuring an unbelievable array of diversified geographical areas ranging from high mountains to sandy deserts and pristine undeveloped beaches and overall blessed with year round pleasant temperatures. Furthermore the geographical vicinity to Europe, the lack of an entry visa, and the many airline companies that offer numerous daily flights from countless European cities make Morocco the most exotic destination just around the corner.

Last but not least the proven political stability of the country and the government efforts to improve the tourism industry make it even a more a desirable destinations.

Our company employs only local staff, with deep knowledge of the country and of the customs of the country. Drivers and guides are enthusiast as well to show the many wonders of Morocco, attentive to all the needs and requests of Free Spirit’s customers.

The company is also committed to provide our employees a stable work environment with opportunities for learning and personal growth. Employees will be provided with the same concern, respect and caring attitude within the company that they are expected to share externally with every Free Spirit customer.

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